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About East Texas DSL
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East Texas DSL primary focus is to provide  high speed broadband (dsl) access by using "always on" wireless technologies. 

East Texas DSL is a locally based Christian Internet service provider (ISP).  This company's sister company  has been providing satellite television through Kel-Tronics which has been  located in Lufkin for more than 24 years.   We are now expanding our outstanding service and products to offer high speed Internet, dsl, broadband access at competitive cost to our customers and friends in East Texas. 

Mr. Joe Kelley, President / Owner, of East Texas DSL, LLC. is dedicated to providing the same outstanding service that he has offered to his Dish Satellite customers for the last 24 years.

We will be offering different levels Internet  access to our users.  They are all exactly the same with regards to service, availability, accessibility, e-mail accounts (each account comes standard with up to five e-mail accounts). 

The only difference is speed.

That's right speed.

Have you ever experienced the following? 

bullet Ever had to wait an hour to download an MP3? 
bullet Ever sat there and waited one, two, three minutes waiting for a graphics intensive site to pop up in Internet Explorer? 
bullet Ever tried streaming video or audio and get nothing but choppy sound and blocky video? 
bullet Ever gotten a really cute picture e-mailed from the relatives that took 30 minutes to get off the mail server. 

These are all issues related to access speed (or the lack there of).  To put our service in perspective, lets start with something most of us know; connecting to the Internet with a modem. 

Modems nowadays have speeds approaching 50,000 bits per second (theoretically).  However, in practice you rarely get even close to those speeds due to:


Static and other conditions on the telephone line, etc. 


 A fair amount of modems out there have not been upgraded to the newer, higher speeds.  So on average, most dial-up users connect at between 26,400 and 42,000 bits per second. 


Other issues that degrade speeds and efficiency is that modems are an analog technology


Our service is digital which makes it much more impervious to errors. 

So.....  Do you feel the need for speed?


Now you need to check out Pricing or go back to What We Offer.  You will also want to contact us in reference to Availability, or if you'd like a quick point by point rundown of why you should choose East Texas DSL check out the Benefits link.


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